One platform. Millions of data points. The path to purchase is now illuminated.

Welcome to the world’s leading conversion platform. Our real-time data connects the dots between brands, retailers and shoppers to provide the exact information you need to take action.

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Get a clear picture to drive solutions.

Get a clear picture to drive solutions.

LocalIntel gives you real-time visibility and control over the path to purchase. We provide actionable insights and practical recommendations to help you strengthen your brand and increase sales.

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Each module illuminates the process. Together, they amplify it.

LocalIntel’s suite of groundbreaking conversion technology products covers the full spectrum of a retail-purchase process through targeted modules under three categories: Consumer Conversion, Brand Integrity and Conversion Intelligence. Each individual module focuses on a specific aspect of consumer or retailer behavior. And the more modules you choose, the better visibility you have into how and where your products are sold – leading to targeted marketing strategies and higher sales.

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Each module illuminates the process. Together, they amplify it.

Because every path to purchase is global, so are we.

Your customers and prospects are everywhere and selling can be a 24/7 worldwide operation. Our data collection experience spans the globe, including consumer buying habits, internet use and retailer practices on almost every continent. PriceSpider’s unique tools and insights bring unparalleled clarity to any selling environment.


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